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Blue Moon Senior Services

Seamless Integration: A Case Study on PIMSY Software’s User-Friendly Integration Solutions

Case Study Stats

Name: Blue Moon Senior Services
Web Site:
Users: 290
Location: HQ in Plainfield, IL  / 486 locations serviced
Customer: 11 years
Programs: Telehealth and Counseling/Psychotherapy for seniors


Blue Moon Senior Counseling comprises a team of Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs) specializing in counseling and psychotherapy services for individuals residing in diverse senior living communities and private residences. Over the years, Blue Moon has experienced rapid growth, and the need to adequately support and provide services in nearly 500 locations across the country with software that met the unique needs of each state was vital. 


The objective of Blue Moon was to find an EHR solution that would work out of the box but also allow for customizations.  They needed an API that would allow them to use their own in-house technology, custom workflows, and custom application. The software solution had to be robust enough to not only support clinicians in every state but allow support staff to manage workflows to enable rapid growth. 


API:  Blue Moon was able to leverage PIMSY’s Restful API and build a proprietary mobile application that allows numerous mobile clinicians to manage their workloads. Communications were automated, significantly reducing the need for administrative staff. 

Administration Access:  With Blue Moon, PIMSY staff created a series of custom screens and reports related to billing, clinician productivity, referrals, and waitlist management.  Centralizing this information streamlined intake, scheduling, and billing processes, resulting in minimal admin staff needed to manage hundreds of clinicians. 


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The strategic implementation of PIMSY EHR software has been instrumental in helping Blue Moon Senior Counseling realize its vision of nationwide expansion and maintain efficient operations across the country. Here’s a look at the key benefits and accomplishments achieved through this partnership:

  • Nationwide Expansion:  With the help of PIMSY EHR software, Blue Moon Senior Counseling successfully expanded its services and presence across the United States. This nationwide expansion has allowed them to reach more seniors in need of counseling services, thereby fulfilling their organizational mission of providing vital mental health support to a wider demographic.
  • Efficient Clinician Management:  Managing a network of clinicians across the country can be complex and resource-intensive. However, PIMSY EHR’s robust features and functionalities have enabled Blue Moon Senior Counseling to streamline clinician management. They can efficiently onboard, monitor, and support clinicians, all while keeping administrative costs to a minimum. This efficiency ensures a consistent standard of care and maximizes the organization’s financial resources for further growth and development.
  • Compliance with Geographical and Regulatory Requirements:  The healthcare landscape varies from state to state, with each region having its own regulatory and compliance standards. PIMSY EHR’s adaptability and flexibility have allowed Blue Moon Senior Counseling to navigate these complexities seamlessly. The software can be customized to comply with specific geographical and regulatory requirements, ensuring that the organization operates within the bounds of the law and maintains the highest standards of care nationwide.
  • Interoperability and Benchmark for Excellence:  Embracing interoperability is critical to modern healthcare. Blue Moon Senior Counseling’s commitment to interoperability through PIMSY EHR sets a benchmark for excellence in healthcare provision. The software enables seamless data exchange and collaboration among healthcare providers, improving the quality and continuity of care for clients. This not only enhances the client experience but also drives positive health outcomes.
  • Continued Growth and Innovation:  As Blue Moon Senior Counseling continues to grow and innovate, PIMSY EHR remains a steadfast partner in their journey. The software’s scalability and adaptability ensure it can evolve with the organization’s changing needs. Whether expanding to new regions, introducing new services, or incorporating the latest healthcare technologies, PIMSY EHR provides the foundation for Blue Moon Senior Counseling’s ongoing success.

In conclusion, the strategic implementation of PIMSY EHR software has been pivotal in helping Blue Moon Senior Counseling achieve its goals of nationwide expansion, efficient clinician management, compliance with varying regulations, and excellence in healthcare provision. This partnership has not only benefited the organization but has also had a positive impact on the clients they serve. As they continue to grow and innovate, Blue Moon Senior Counseling can confidently rely on PIMSY as a trusted partner in their mission to provide essential mental health support to seniors nationwide.

Jayne Kay
Author: Jayne Kay