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PIMSY Began With an EHR Wish List

PUBLISHED ON: 07.29.2023
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What is an EHR Wish List

PIMSY’s journey began with an Electronic Health Record (EHR) wish list. In 2007, Jackson County Psychological Services (JCPS) found itself dissatisfied with its existing behavioral health software. It lacked efficiency and failed to meet specific needs. Turning a personal friend and software developer, Ian MacDonald, they requested to develop a new system. This system must be tailored precisely to their mental health and substance use requirements.

Their plea was straightforward: “If we share our EHR wish list, can you create a customized program for us?”

Rather than making do with modifications to general medical software, they sought a dedicated solution, purpose-built for mental and behavioral health. It had to cater to clinicians and seamlessly integrate with the front office, billing department, and management. Rising to the challenge, Ian and a team of skilled developers crafted PIMSY. The PIMSY system is an all-encompassing, flexible, cost-effective EHR solution inspired by the JCPS wish list.

As PIMSY took shape, it was apparent that other agencies, like JCPS, were also looking for a specialized mental health EHR. Spreading the word, PIMSY discovered a significant demand in the market.

As the customer base expanded, so did the capabilities of PIMSY. Today, it is trusted and utilized in over 40 states and Canada, catering to a wide range of behavioral health services.

EHR That Adapts Alongside You

Settling for a static program should never be an option when selecting EHR software. The mental and behavioral health landscape is constantly evolving, and your EHR should become with it. Whether transitioning from an office-based setting to telehealth during a pandemic, expanding to multiple locations, or adjusting documents to comply with laws and regulations, your EHR should be flexible and responsive to your agency’s changing needs.

At PIMSY, we offer three tiers of functionality, providing various features and pricing options to suit our client’s diverse needs and budgets. We regularly update PIMSY, driven by valuable customer feedback and requests.

In this manner, our program continually evolves, guided by the EHR wish lists of our end users and ultimately shaped and refined by behavioral health care clinicians and agencies.

The Power to Personalize

With PIMSY’s Q&A functionality, we empower our customers to fine-tune the program to their exact specifications and implement their wish lists independently whenever they choose. Throughout the system, you can customize various parameters, from reports to notes and payment receipts printed at your front desk to treatment plan details.

Finding an EHR system that perfectly aligns with your entire wish list straight out of the box may be unlikely. However, having one that satisfies most of your functional requirements and allows you to tailor it to your unique needs over time is the ideal scenario. We strive to provide robust software that works effectively for your agency from the start while also allowing you to customize it according to your evolving needs.
Free Guide to Behavioral Health EHR

We understand that selecting the proper behavioral health EHR involves careful consideration. We offer an EHR Guide to streamline the process and ensure you cover all bases.

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