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PIMSY Mental Health EHR gives you the tools needed to manage your practice and reach your goals.

We have an EHR solution for any size organization and everything you need to scale your business. All plans offer training, support, and access to a knowledge base.


A great place to start

Perfect for smaller practices STARTING AT $58per month* *Per user fee at 5 users. Discounts apply with increased users. The monthly fee does not include setup fees, tech packs, or 3rd party add-ons.

Top Features

  • Authorization Management

  • Invoicing Module

  • Document Signing Queue

  • Manage Staff
  • PAISLY by PIMSY EHR AI Generative tool- NEW!


Everything in PRIME +

Good for scaling organizations with an eye for growth STARTING AT $72per month* *Per user fee at 5 users. Discounts apply with increased users. Monthly fee does not include setup fees, tech packs, or 3rd party add-ons.

Top Features

  • Electronic Billing

  • Group Notes

  • Company Centric Custom Forms

  • Payroll

  • Client Wait List


Everything in PROFESSIONAL +

The complete suite of EHR tools, built for Enterprise scale STARTING AT $80per month* *Per user fee at 5 users. Discounts apply with increased users. The monthly fee does not include setup fees tech packs or 3rd party add-ons.

Top Features

  • Task & Communication Management


  • eMAR, Bed Management

  • Lab Integration
  • Multi User / Location / Time Zone Scheduling Module

Select a plan for a complete list of all features


Client Demographics

Microsoft Azure Secure Cloud

Profile Security Module

Integrated Documents Templates

Multi Organization / Multi Location / Multi Program Toolkit

Disclosure Log

Chart Deficiency List

Automated Messaging

Document Signing Queue

Client Document Management

Multi User / Location / Specialty Scheduling Module

File / Folder Management Module

Reporting Module

Branded Custom Forms


Customized Client Forms

Client Renewals

Client / Patient Portal

Direct Scanning

Client Wait List

Automatic Form Filler

Emergency Access

Task & Communication Module


Lab Integration

Bed Management / Census Report

Medication Inventory Management

Custom Import Utility


Client Dashboard

Provider Dashboard

Clinical Notes

Wiley Treatment Planner

Treatment Outcome Measures

Team Notes

Measure Scoring

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)




Group Notes

Vital Signs

Substance Usage


Continuity of Care (CCDA)


Decision Support

Orders & Lab Results

eMAR Tracking

Emergency Access

Treatment Plan Module


Invoicing Module

Dynamic Billing Module

Generate Billing Statements

Authorization Management Module

Client Payments

Receipts and Superbill

Addiction and Eating Disorder Programs, PHP, IOP, and Psych Testing Support

Electronic Billing

UB-04 / Residential Billing

Electronic Eligibility Verification

Customizable 837

Rolling EOM AR Report


Manage Staff Documents

Productivity Module

Payroll Module

Custom User Tracking

Employee Renewals

Manage Staff

Payroll Module

Custom Staff Forms

INTEGRATIONS & ADD ON’S (additional fees incurred)

PAISLY, by PIMSY EHR (generative AI tool)- NEW!


Credit Card Processing


Automated Appointment Reminders

Payer Statements

Outcome Tracking

Billing RCM

Secure Encrypted Messaging


Online Reviews

Wiley Treatment Planner



Lab Integrations


EHR Cost Benefits for Mental Health Providers

Cost Savings with PIMSY EHR

Why opt for PIMSY as your EHR vendor when various other EHR systems are on the market? The answer revolves around a balanced equation of quality and cost-effectiveness. PIMSY EHR provides transparent pricing plans without any hidden associated costs. Designed to optimize electronic medical records management, medical billing, and appointment scheduling, our software effectively reduces the total cost of administrative tasks. This way your staff can spend less time on administration and devote more time to patient care. In essence, PIMSY not only trims your expenses but also enhances your practice’s efficiency and revenue.

The Financial Power of Transitioning from Paper to EHR

In the modern, high-speed world of healthcare, the average cost of clinging to paper-based records is far from trivial. Making the switch to an EMR system like PIMSY not only offers significant benefits in terms of operational efficiency but also substantially lowers your expenses. Transitioning to an EHR system isn’t merely adopting new technology; it’s a strategic move toward the financial health of your practice.

How Do I Decide Which Pricing Plan Works Best for My Practice?

Determining the right pricing plan for your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is crucial, as it not only impacts your cost estimates but also your practice management effectiveness. PIMSY offers three distinct pricing plans tailored to practices of varying sizes and needs:

  • The Prime Plan: This is best suited for smaller practices and offers basic EHR functionalities for your team to schedule appointments, session notes and basic chart documentation.
  • The Professional Plan: Aimed at scaling alongside practices, this plan provides enhanced EHR capabilities, customizable progress notes, and advanced practice management features. The Professional plan offers client waitlists, medication management and a portal for patient engagement.
  • The Platinum Plan: Built for large mental health and healthcare organizations, this option offers a fully customizable EHR suite, specialized progress note templates, a clinician dashboard, multi-location and multi-organization tools, cross-time zone scheduling and secure messaging for intra office communication. If you’re running an enterprise-level operation, this plan provides robust features to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Regardless of your practice’s size or complexity, PIMSY has a plan that can meet your specific practice’s needs, from basic EHR functionalities to AI integration.

Why Choose PIMSY EHR?

A Trusted Mental Health EMR for Over 15 Years

PIMSY has been a dedicated EHR solution for mental health practitioners for over 15 years. Our extensive experience in this specific field allows us to offer features tailored to the unique needs of mental health care providers, making PIMSY not just another generic EHR system.

Customizable for Your Unique Needs

No two practices are the same, and your EHR shouldn’t be either. PIMSY EHR offers a high level of customization to ensure that it aligns seamlessly with your practice’s unique workflow and needs. Explore our Blue Moon Case Study.

Exceptional Training and Onboarding Resources

Transitioning to a new EHR system can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Our customer support team offers a comprehensive set of training and onboarding resources to make the switch as smooth as possible, setting you up for success from day one.

Explore Pricing and EHR Resources:

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    Can my practice change EMR pricing options later?

    Yes, your practice or organization can upgrade or change pricing plans at any point. Here at PIMSY EHR, we aim to grow and change with your practice, therefore we can add features or change plans entirely to adapt with your practice.

    Is there a set up fee or any upfront costs?

    Yes, there is a set up fee for our team based on number of users and it can differ for each plan. Contact our team for more information.

    Are there an additional charge for technical support or software updates?

    All of our pricing plans include training, suppor, and access to our knowledge base and amazing customer support team.

    Is my data secure?

    Yes! Maintaining patient privacy is a top priority for us. PIMSY rigorously adheres to HIPAA standards to ensure that your practice can confidently manage compliance and safeguard data. For more information, click here.
    For our Canadian clients, rest assured that all data is stored on Microsoft Azure servers situated solely within Canada, in compliance with PHIPA and PIPEDA regulations.

    What are the hardware and software requirements for running PIMSY EHR?

    PIMSY EHR is a cloud-based EHR hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud. We are a SAAS EHR, accessed through a web browser or our Windows Desktop Application.
    Therefore, there is no software or hardware requirements and mental health professionals can access their dashboard from anywhere, at any time.