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MIPS for Mental and Behavioral Health

Join our exclusive webinar as we delve into the core essentials of the MIPS program and its profound impact on the mental and behavioral health landscape. An industry expert, speaker Wayne Singer, VP of Regulatory Services at Darena Solutions, will lead the discussion. Wayne has assisted hundreds...

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Mastering AI & HIPAA Compliance

For mental and behavioral health professionals, it’s crucial to address a pressing concern. How does the impending use of generative AI affect compliance in your agency? Learn how AI and HIPAA compliance can be used together effectively. Join this webinar for mental and behavioral health providers...

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CURES Act & Information Blocking Compliance

Stay Ahead of CURES Act Compliance – Join Our Essential Webinar for Mental & Behavioral Health Providers. CURES Act Compliance- the definition The Cures Act defines information blocking as any practice that is likely to interfere with, prevent, or discourage the access, exchange, or use...

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