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Health EHR

An Integrated Solution Designed for Behavioral Health Providers: Elevate Every Client Interaction!

Dive into a bespoke electronic health journey designed exclusively for your organization, ensuring behavioral health teams invest more moments in behavioral care and fewer administrative hurdles.

Unique Features for Behavioral Health Services

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Offer your clients seamless virtual sessions with our Telehealth solutions. Overcome geographical barriers, connect with clients in their comfort zones, and provide uninterrupted patient care, anywhere, anytime.


Transform and expedite your prescription processes with ePrescribing. Transmit medication orders instantly, eliminate prescription errors, and ensure a flawless, paperless journey from consultation to pharmacy.

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Confidentiality & Compliance:

From HIPAA, “Part 2”, and more restrictive state laws to FERPA to PHIPA and PIPEDA in Canada, rest assured knowing PIMSY is fully compliant. With top-notch security protocols in our Azure server environments to an array of privacy tools, PIMSY enables both your staff and your clients to feel confident knowing that confidential data is protected.

Customizable Clinical Documentation & Treatment Plans:

Tailor your documentation and treatment plans to match your unique needs. Whether it’s adjusting or adding templates or changing system behavior based on payor or billing code, PIMSY provides an array of options and tools, ensuring that the provision of care is as individualized as the population you serve.

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Client Portal with Client Payments and e-Sign:

Empower your clients and ease administrative burdens with a dynamic portal where they can easily make payments, access crucial documents, and securely e-sign necessary forms. It’s convenience, security, and efficiency all in one place. These are just a handful of the tools available with our client portal. Click here to find out more!

Decision Support:

Stay ahead with PIMSY’s Decision Support. Harness actionable insights, make evidence-based decisions, and optimize patient outcomes by leveraging a wealth of real-time data.

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Standardized or Customizable Reporting:

Delve deep into your operations with detailed reporting. With over a hundred “out of the box” reports or custom-built reports, PIMSY offers actionable insights that can drive practice growth and enhance patient care.

Intensive Outpatient Tools:

Manage higher levels of care like never before. PIMSY’s suite of intensive outpatient tools ensures that clinical documentation and billing is accurate, efficient, and streamlined. For a detailed overview on how this works, click here.

Continuity of Care (CCDA Documents):

Ensure a smooth transition and comprehensive care with PIMSY’s CCDA feature. Facilitate seamless information transfer between healthcare providers, ensuring every stakeholder is updated and aligned for better outcomes.


“PIMSY is a powerful, yet very affordable, system geared for behavioral health. They thought of everything you could want – and more – and it offers a lot of customization.”

– Andrew H.

“Since we went live with PIMSY in July of 2021, ALL of our chart audits by our stakeholders have exceeded expectations. They really like how easy it is for them to review charts on PIMSY. This includes Partners Behavioral Health, US Probation Office, Sandhills Center, and Vaya Health. We look forward to growing with PIMSY.”

– Darrell B.

All-in-One Solution for Behavioral Health Professionals

In the dynamic landscape of mental and behavioral health, clinicians require tools that address their unique challenges and streamline complex processes. PIMSY EHR stands out as a solution crafted explicitly for mental health providers. This dedicated focus ensures that every aspect of the platform resonates with the intricacies of behavioral health. With PIMSY, mental health clinicians can expect an intuitive interface that streamlines practice management, enhances patient engagement, aids in revenue cycle management, and prioritizes secure and compliant data handling. Our suite of features offers behavioral health practices the agility to adapt, innovate, and excel, ultimately elevating the quality of care they provide. By integrating PIMSY EHR into your practice, mental health professionals not only adopt a software solution but embrace a partner committed to their success.


Q: How long does it take to implement and get trained on the behavioral health software?

A: Each Implementation is phased, beginning with Discovery, to identify needs, goals, workflows, etc. The next phase begins Implementation Training which utilizes a Train-theTrainer approach, conducted over the web, generally over a 6-week period. From there, we work with the customers in a tiered protocol, making sure everything works for each level before proceeding to the next.

Q: Can the interface be customized to match our clinic’s specific needs?

A: Absolutely! PIMSY EHR is designed with flexibility in mind. We understand every clinic has unique requirements. Therefore, our interface allows customizations to suit your workflow, terminology, and specific practice needs.

Q: Is the EHR software compliant with HIPAA and other relevant regulations?

A: Absolutely! We prioritize the security and confidentiality of patient data. PIMSY is completely HIPAA-compliant and helps your practice maintain compliance and data security. Click here for additional details.

Additionally, Canadian client data is housed exclusively on Microsoft Azure servers located within Canada, adhering to PHIPA / PIEDA-compliant requirements.

Q: What kind of customer support is available, and during what hours?

A: Our dedicated US-based customer support team is available Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 8 PM EST. We provide various channels of support, including phone, email, and live chat. For urgent matters outside of these hours, there’s an emergency line to ensure you’re always covered.

Q: What is the pricing structure? Is it a one-time fee, subscription-based, or based on the number of users or patients?

A: PIMSY EHR offers a subscription-based pricing structure. The cost is scaled based on the number of users and specific features or modules you opt for. Detailed pricing can be found here or discussed with our sales team.

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Why PIMSY EHR for your Behavioral Health Practice?

Dive into PIMSY EHR – a beacon of excellence in the mental health industry! Learn more about our EHR tailored specifically for behavioral health facilities, including outpatient programs, substance abuse facilities, and other healthcare organizations. Every nuance and tool is sculpted to suit the unique needs of a mental health organization’s daily operations. Forget cumbersome generic platforms; with PIMSY EHR, you enjoy a comprehensive yet user-friendly experience. Navigate the complex world of behavioral health with actionable insights, empowering your every decision. Plus, our stellar support team ensures your journey, from setup to everyday use, is nothing short of spectacular. All of this is wrapped up in a costeffective package that caters to every practice, big or small. With PIMSY, you’re not just choosing an EMR software – you’re embracing a partner committed to elevating your practice!